Employee Fit Finder

Employee Fit Finder

A New, Low Cost Tool to Help Employers Hire Good Employees

Good employees have the necessary skills and appropriate work related traits and attitudes to make them successful and productive. Work related traits and attitudes are grounded in each individual’s vocational preferences and the workplace values they hold. In general, individuals are more successful and productive when they have a job that is a good fit with their vocational preferences and workplace values. Positive outcomes accrue to the individual and the employer where there is a good fit. Conversely, negative outcomes are more likely occur when there is a bad fit.

  • Have lower turnover
  • Have higher levels of job satisfaction
  • Are more committed to their jobs and employer
  • Exhibit positive, cooperative behaviors

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Employee Fit Finder Assesses Work Related Traits and Attitudes

Screening job applicants on the basis of their skills and work experience is only one aspect of a successful hiring process.

The Employee Fit Finder instrument was developed to provide employers a simple and inexpensive way to gain valuable insights into an applicant’s work related traits and attitudes – a key component in assessing a particular candidate’s fit for a particular job.

Employee Fit Finder is not designed to assess an applicant’s skills and work experience. Most hiring managers already have the capability to determine if an applicant has the requisite skills and experience to do the job. However, managers often do not delve into an applicant’s work related traits and attitudes. Overlooking this important aspect of job fit, increases the odds of making a hiring mistake – a mistake that can be costly and time consuming to correct.


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More About the Process

Employee Fit Finder is a powerful and yet inexpensive addition to a traditional interview based selection processes. Research shows that interviews used alone are not very good predictors of future job performance. Employee Fit Finder significantly enhances the selection process already in use by most employers.

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Simple and Easy to Use

Employee Fit Finder is simple to use. It requires no software purchase and is not installed on the employer’s IT system. Applicants can complete the instrument in minutes, even using a mobile device. Results are available to the employer within hours.

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Employees who are a good fit have the necessary skills and the appropriate work related traits and attitudes. By utilizing the Employee Fit Finder instrument, employers can immediately start realizing the benefits of hiring applicants who are a good fit. To find out more, click below.

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