The Process

Utilizing statistical methodologies, the employer receives a comparative analysis of the applicants vying for a particular job opening. The easy-to-understand report arrays applicants on the basis of their degree of fit relative to the requirements of the particular job opening. Applicants with high correlations most closely match the workplace values and vocational interests deemed necessary for success on the job. The graphical report allows employers to quickly identify those applicants who are a best fit for the job they are seeking to fill.


John Brandon

The Developer

Dr. John Brandon developed the Employee Fit Finder instrument based on his extensive experience as a working practitioner in the Human Resources field. Dr. Brandon held senior level HR positions with three Fortune 500 firms. In addition to his practical knowledge and experience, he completed a doctoral degree in Leadership Studies and Business Administration. His dissertation research examined the relationship between job satisfaction and perceived job fit among mid-career college graduates. Dr. Brandon has served as an adjunct faculty member at three universities teaching both undergraduate and graduate level courses.